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This book titled, C3 Creating Conscious Connections, offers a rare opportunity to witness how our life crises can be crafted into the most amazing opportunities for establishing a foundation for a life based upon love, growth, feeling connected, and gratitude. Dr. Cyrina Bullard will take you on a journey through a diverse landscape filled with adventure, adversity, challenges, lessons, and victories. After surviving three near-fatal incidents, she had an epiphany: P3 is a secret code which she desires to share with the world. This code is to remind you that you have Purpose, Passion and endless Possibilities. She shares the science of different tools for our toolboxes such as smiles, exercise, kindness and gratitude to help us Catch Happiness!

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Dr. Cyrina Bullard

Dr. Cyrina Bullard, has been a pharmacist for over 25 years and had to reinvent herself. Join her on her journey. In C3 Creating Conscious Connections, Cyrina, shares her trilogy of almost dying events and the lessons she has learned along the way. Her intention is for these lessons to help others embrace and love the gift you have been given, your life. We all have different obstacles placed on our path. How will we handle them? She shares scientifically proven resources to help with ones resilience, stress level and happiness. May this book guide you to find the right tools to help you with your mindset and live a life that you love with happiness. She wants to help fill our toolboxes with tools to navigate this incredible journey called life through Catch Happiness®!

She is certified by UC Berkeley in The Science of Happiness, by Yale in the Science of Well-Being, a Certified Trainer for HeartMath ®,a Life Mastery Consultant, and certified in Conversational Intelligence. She is a public speaker, coach, and trainer for businesses, hospitals, and schools. Her goal is to empower people to live a life of design, not one of default and love the moments in their life!

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Book Chapters

C3 Creating Conscious Connections

Book Chapters

This is what one can expect to learn from this versatile yet inspiring book. Here are brief descriptions of each chapter in C3 Creating Conscious Connections. This will give you a small idea of where this journey will lead. May it bring a glimmer of light to your life.

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This story will take you on a journey filled with adventure, adversity, challenges, and victories. Cyrina, shares insights she has gathered on her path with the intention of encouraging you to love the moments in your life. Let us all live a life of design, not a life of default. She wants you to know, with certainty, that you have P3: Purpose, Passion, and endless Possibilities

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Have a look at the video trailer for C3 Creating Conscious Connections. The author’s why is to inspire motivation and resiliency. She wants the world to know that each person has P3: Purpose, Passion and endless Possibilities. The video will give you a clearer insight of what this book reveals.



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Inspired by the challenges she has faced, Dr. Cyrina Bullard is an impactful speaker, influencing us to be resilient, love the life we have been given and to enjoy our moments. Here is what some readers had to say.