C3 Creating Conscious Connections (Ebook)


This story will take you on a journey filled with adventure, adversity, challenges, and victories. Cyrina, shares insights she has gathered on her path with the intention of encouraging you to love the moments in your life. Let us all live a life of the design, not a life of default. She wants you to know, with certainty, that you have P3Purpose, Passion, and Endless Possibilities.


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C3 Creating Conscious Connections Ebook

This book titled, C3 Creating Conscious Connections, offers a rare opportunity to witness how our life crises can be crafted into the most amazing opportunities for establishing a foundation for a life based upon love, growth, feeling connected, and gratitude. Dr. Cyrina Bullard will take you on a journey through a diverse landscape filled with adventure, adversity, challenges, lessons, and victories. After surviving three near-fatal incidents, she had an epiphany:  P3 is a secret code that she desires to share with the world. This code is to remind you that you have Purpose, Passion, and Endless Possibilities. She shares the science of different tools for our toolboxes such as smiles, exercise, kindness, and gratitude to help us Catch Happiness!

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  1. C3 Creating Conscious Connections (Audio Book)


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